The following courses are directly relevant to the Philosophy, Religion, and Literature minor, and can be taken for course credit in the minor.  If there are courses beyond this list which you think are relevant, and for which you would like to receive PRL course credit, please contact the director of the minor, Prof. Henry Weinfield.

Gateway Seminars:

PRL 33100-01; PHIL 43330-01: The Philosophy of Literature. Professor Fred Rush

Students wishing to register for one of the Gateway seminars should contact the PRL director, Henry Weinfield at

Additional Courses:

CLAS 30120-01: The Greeks and Their Gods. Torrance Isabelle

ENGL 20213-01: The World of the Middle Ages. Thomas Noble

ENGL 40205-01: Shakespeare & The Supernatural. Jesse Lander

ENGL 40209-01: Chaucer: The Canterbury Tales. Kathryn Kerby-Fulton

ENGL 40259-01: Devotional Lyric. Susannah Monta

ENGL 43106-01: Lyric & Self-Expression. Romana Huk

GE 40104-01: German Narratives. Mark Roche

MI 30530-01: French Literature & Culture I. Maureen Boulton

MI 30667-01: The Arabic Literary Heritage. Li Guo

MI 40300-01: Early Medieval Philosophy. Stephen Gersh

MI 40553-01: Dante II. Christian Moevs

MI 43027-01: Theodicy Quest & Journey Home: Knowing and Becoming. Linda Major

LLRO 63108-01: Truth, Language, Love. Vittorio Montemaggi

THEO 40238-01: Transfiguration in the Fiction of C.S. Lewis. David Fagerberg

THEO 40860-01: Beauty and the Eucharist. Ann Astell