The following courses are directly relevant to the Philosophy, Religion, and Literature minor, and can be taken for course credit in the minor.  If there are courses beyond this list which you think are relevant, and for which you would like to receive PRL course credit, please contact the director of the minor, Prof. Henry Weinfield.

Gateway Seminars:

ENGL 40157-01; RLT 40241-01; THEO 40837-01: Meaning, Vulnerability, and Human Identity. Prof. Vittorio Montemaggi

THEO 40823-01: Religion and Literature. Prof. Cyril O’Regan

Students wishing to register for one of the Gateway seminars should contact the PRL director, Henry Weinfield at

Additional Courses:

CLLA 30011-01: Virgil. Prof. Tadeusz Mazurek (readings in Latin)

CLLA 30011-02: Virgil. Prof. Tadeusz Mazurek (readings in Latin)

CLLA 40016-01: Introduction to Christian Latin Texts. Prof. Hildegund Muller (readings in Latin)

CLLA 40041-01: Tacitus. Prof. Hildegund Muller (readings in Latin)

ENGL 20215-01: Introduction to Shakespeare. Prof. Elliott Visconsi

ENGL 20607-01: Religious Imagination and American Literature. Prof. Thomas Werge

ENGL 40233-01: J. R. R. Tolkien. Prof. Tim Machan

ENGL 43106-01: Lyric & Self Expression. Prof. Romana Huk

GE 40215-01: God, Love, and Sex in German Medieval Literature. Prof. Claire Jones (readings in German)

MI 40327-01: Boethius and His Commentators. Prof. Stephen Gersh

PHIL 20202-01: Existentialist Themes. Prof. Karl Ameriks

PHIL 20202-02: Existentialist Themes. Prof. Karl Ameriks

PHIL 20218-01: Chinese Ways of Thought. Prof. Lionel Jensen

PHIL 40120-01: Romancing Plato. Prof. David O’Connor

ROFR 37500-01: Contemporary Issues: Camus. Prof. Alain Toumayan (readings in French)

ROFR 40120-01: Medieval and Renaissance Lyric Poetry. Prof. Maureen Boulton (readings in French)

ROIT 40114-01: Dante’s Divine Comedy. Prof. Zygmunt Baranski

RU 33301-01: The Brothers Karamazov. Prof. David Gasperetti (readings in English)

THEO 20254-01: C. S. Lewis: Sin, Sanctity, and Saints. Prof. David Fagerberg