The Philosophy, Religion, and Literature minor (PRL) is designed for students who want to pursue an interdisciplinary course of studies that focuses on the intersections among philosophy, religion, and literature.

PRL seeks to build bridges between disciplines and modes of thought which have traditionally been in dialogue with one another and which have been at the heart of teaching at Notre Dame. The aim of the minor is to create a context in which philosophical, religious, and literary approaches to thought and its expression may be studied systematically and in conjunction with each other.



The minor will operate along two separate tracks, Philosophy and Literature and Religion and Literature, but students will be encouraged to take courses in both tracks, and, if they concentrate on one track, will be required to take at least one course in the other. At least one Gateway seminar in each track will be offered every year. Learn more.


The PRL minor will require students to complete 15 credit hours of approved course work. These 15 credit hours will normally comprise at least one three-credit Gateway seminar, three three-credit electives, and one three-credit capstone project. The purpose of the Gateway seminars, whatever their specific topic may be, will be to provide a rigorous introduction to the study of Philosophy and Literature or Religion and Literature. Students wishing to register for one of the Gateway seminars should contact the PRL director. The capstone project will typically involve a research essay of approximately 20 pages on a topic that engages philosophy and literature or religion and literature, or both. Learn more.

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