The following courses are directly relevant to the Philosophy, Religion, and Literature minor, and can be taken for course credit in the minor.  If there are courses beyond this list which you think are relevant, and for which you would like to receive PRL course credit, please contact the director of the minor, Prof. Henry Weinfield.

Gateway Seminars:

PRL 33112

Between Religion and Literature: Meaning , Vulnerability and Human Existence

Vittorio Montemaggi

MW 12:30-1:45

This course explores how theology and literature can combine to enrich our understanding. Focusing on the work of Augustine, Aquinas, Dante, Shakespeare, Dostoevsky and Primo Levi, students will address questions such as: ‘How does the way we use language bear upon our notions of truth?’; ‘How are the intellect and the imagination engaged by literary texts?’; ‘How does all this relate to how we think about God, human nature, and the relationship between them?’ Such questions will be addressed, in particular, by reflecting on how the texts studied invite us to think about love, forgiveness, vulnerability and creativity.

Students wishing to register for one of the Gateway seminars should contact the PRL director, Henry Weinfield at